Covid-19 Measures

There is no denying the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic took the planet by surprise. It spread to every single country and it was up to each government to deploy measures that will defeat the virus. We are fortunate to live and operate in Greece, where the Greek Government was exemplary in its reactions. Thanks to swift, drastic measures, early lockdown and proper briefing of the general public, we were able to stop COVID-19 dead at its tracks. On the island of Crete we only had 19 cases total and just one fatality, making Crete probably the safest place in Europe right now. Moving forward, Greece is ready to welcome visitors again, always with the same vigilant eye, the same commitment to safety first and same dedication to our guests.

To this goal, we are also proud to inform you that our Balos Beach Hotel will be ready to welcome you safely and comfortably for the summer of 2020. We have been striving to achieve three general operation period pillars.

We made the best of the lockdown period, by working hard to ensure that the hotel is thoroughly maintained and fully ready to operate. This is similar to every year’s effort, only that for 2020 hygiene became an even more important priority.

We are prepared for the opening of the hotel. Familiarising ourselves with the government health and safety protocols and ensuring that all necessary adjustments are made in our operation. More specifically:

  • We have completed the certification of Health First Government Program as required by the Greek Law.
  • We have completed the necessary training both for the management of the hotel, but also for all key personnel.
  • We have amended and supplemented our policies in accordance to the latest legislation and good practice rules.

As of the 1st of July we move to the third pillar. We are now open and ready to welcome you by ensuring that all our hard work will be applied at all times by our employees. We place your safety first and will go at great lengths to ensure that the below measures are fully applied.

Balos Beach Team 

  • All staff members efficiently trained on hygiene and safety protocols
  • Provision of PPE to all employees
  • Staff is screened for symptoms prior to starting work and if temperature is detected over 37C, they will be asked to stay at home

Reception – Check-in/out

  • We have changed our check out time at 11:00 and check out at 15:00 to allow ourselves guaranteed 4 hours for cleaning and disinfecting the room.
  • Introduced contactless Check-in / Check-out
  • Clearly marked out zones for standing at Reception
  • Temperature measuring with touchless devices upon guest arrival
  • Contactless and fast check-in and check-out procedures via mobile phone or tablet
  • Floor markers placed to ensure physical distancing, staff with PPE
  • Frequent deep sanitization of front desk surface
  • Disinfection of room key cards PPE available

Swimming Pool – Bar

  • Well spread out sunbeds and umbrellas ensuring safe social distancing
  • Disinfected menus
  • Pool and beach sunbeds sanitized after each use.
  • Sanitized beach towels provided by staff on a daily basis
  • Increased water quality controls, regular monitoring of chlorine levels.


  • Rooms will be sanitized and sealed before every arrival
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols for guest rooms with attention to high touched surfaces such as remote controls, door and furniture handles, light switches
  • Use of steam cleaners for the disinfection of fabric surfaces such us sofas, chairs
  • Room cleaning, bed linen and towel change are performed on request for minimal contact between guests and staff.
  • All bed linen and towels will be washed at a high temperature and sanitized as per COVID-19 protection protocol
  • All decorative and extraneous items (extra pillows, blankets, bedcovers) are removed from guest rooms
  • Air conditioning filters and grilles disinfected upon every room change
  • The usage of A/C within rooms at guests’ discretion
  • Guests are recommended to vacate the room during housekeeping
  • All cooking utensils and plates were removed from the rooms according to instructions.


  • Hand sanitizers at all restaurant entrances
  • Seating capacity reduced to provide adequate space between tables for safe distancing
  • One family per table at a time
  • Disposable napkins and placemats and table
  • Disinfection after each sitting
  • Serviced buffet by our trained staff
  • Single use printed menus available on request
  • Staff wears PPE at restaurants and bars at all times
  • Room service available

Public Areas

  • Disinfectant dispensers throughout the hotel
  • Disinfection of high-volume touch points with special attention to public restrooms, handles and switches
  • Elevators to be used by max 2 guests or a family at a time
  • Fresh air circulation throughout public indoor areas


  • Pre-booking required for gym use to ensure physical Distancing

After the 1st of July we are ready to welcome you and we moved to the third and final pillar. The vigilant monitoring of the proper implementation of all the above measures by all personnel and of course our guests too. Your safety and well being was always important to us, but now it has become our main driver. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Balos Beach Hotel and we are confident that you will have the holiday of a lifetime.